Talk To An Implant Dentist About The Benefits You'll Get From An Implant That Closes A Tooth Gap

If you're looking for a way to cover up a gap in your teeth that can be seen when you smile, consider closing the gap with an implant and crown. A crown looks like natural enamel, so getting an implant is an excellent way to improve your smile. Plus, the implant could help your oral health too. Here's how a dental implant can benefit you. It Keeps Your Teeth From Shifting [Read More]

FAQs About The Root Canal Procedure

Do you need a root canal? According to the American Association of Endodontists (AAE), dental professionals perform 25 million endodontic procedures (such as root canal services) annually. If this is your first experience with this common dental procedure, take a look at the top questions patients have answered. Why Do You Need A Root Canal? Before you can understand the reasons for this procedure, you may need to learn more about the treatment. [Read More]

Four Qualities Of A Good Dentist

It takes more than attending dental school to qualify to be a good dentist. These factors call for a keen eye on who you go for help when dealing with your dental health issues. A reliable dentist should have artistic skills, people knowledge, and business skills besides general medical knowledge. You deserve quality dental care to avoid pain, infections, or tooth loss. Interpersonal skills Dental care needs a dentist with appropriate people skills. [Read More]

What’s a Dental Flipper, and Why Might Your Child Need One

The premature loss of a baby tooth is either a problem that needs to be solved, or a mild (and temporary) inconvenience. Depending on your child's age, a tooth that is lost due to an accident may only be a short-term concern. An x-ray might be needed to confirm that the replacement adult tooth will soon emerge from your child's gums, and if so, no further action should be needed. But what about when it's likely to be months, or even years, before the adult tooth is scheduled to appear? [Read More]