Three Ways To Tell If Your Teeth Need A Boost

When people check their own teeth to see if they look nice, they usually judge themselves simply by how white their teeth appear to be. However, there are many more factors that others may take into consideration when looking at your teeth that you could be overlooking. Here are three additional guidelines to determine if your teeth could use some help from a cosmetic dentist. Shape The shape of your teeth can drastically deviate from normal, young teeth. [Read More]

Things You Should Know About Tonsil Stones

Have you ever found small white balls stuck in the back of your mouth or just floating around inside your mouth and wondered what they were? If you have experienced these, you probably noticed that they have a really bad odor to them. These small, smelly white balls are called tonsil stones, and a lot of people have these trapped in their tonsils. If this is something you have noticed, here are several things you should know about tonsil stones. [Read More]

Caring For Invisalign Braces: Healthy Habits For Wearers

Invisalign—invisible, removable braces available with dental clinics like Galloway Dental Care—are a popular choice for teens and adults. It is so much easier to care for your teeth and gums when you can pop your braces in and out of your mouth like a retainer. Yet, you probably did not know that you need to care for the braces, too. Here is what you should be doing to keep your invisible braces clean and functional. [Read More]

A Crown Can Help You With A Problem Tooth

If you have a tooth that is causing you a lot of problems, you should go see your dentist. They can take a look at it and tell you what's going on with it. One thing that they may recommend is that you get a root canal and then a crown put over the problem tooth. That way it looks and functions like your old tooth. But what does getting a crown entail? [Read More]