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Caring For Invisalign Braces: Healthy Habits For Wearers

Invisalign—invisible, removable braces available with dental clinics like Galloway Dental Care—are a popular choice for teens and adults. It is so much easier to care for your teeth and gums when you can pop your braces in and out of your mouth like a retainer. Yet, you probably did not know that you need to care for the braces, too. Here is what you should be doing to keep your invisible braces clean and functional.

Brush the Braces

Before you put the braces back into your mouth and after you have brushed and flossed your teeth, quickly brush the insides of the braces. The reason for this is that your mouth collects bacteria even after you have completed good oral care. The bacteria can get trapped in the invisible braces and hold that bacteria close to your gums. Brushing the braces prior to each reinsertion helps remove the bacteria and keep your mouth really healthy.

Soak the Braces in Mouthwash Overnight

If your orthodontist says that you can or should take the braces out overnight, soak the braces in an antiseptic minty mouthwash (or whatever flavor of mouthwash appeals to you). That way, when you pop the braces back in after breakfast, the mouthwash-rinsed braces will provide you with fresher morning breath. Braces that correct your teeth and kill morning breath at the same time; who knew?

Avoid Breaking the Braces

Invisible, removable braces are crafted from a very hard plastic resin. While they can certainly do their job as-is, they cannot do their job if you crack them or break them. Things like grinding your teeth or accidentally stepping on them with your full body weight will fracture the braces or weaken them enough that the resistance they create in moving your stubborn teeth into position will be hampered.

If you are particularly worried that something may cause your braces to become damaged, talk to your orthodontist. Since each new set of Invisalign braces are only used for two weeks, it is very unlikely that you will be able to damage a set in such a short time. Even grinding your teeth while you sleep is unlikely to cause harm as most orthodontists will instruct patients to remove the braces at night.

Toss the Old Braces When You Receive a New Set

If your orthodontist does not take and destroy the old sets of invisible braces for you, be sure you toss the old sets each time you get a new set to wear. The reason being is that you do not want to accidentally put an old pair in your mouth! This would cause your teeth to begin reverting backwards, and that is definitely not something you want.