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Three Ways To Tell If Your Teeth Need A Boost

When people check their own teeth to see if they look nice, they usually judge themselves simply by how white their teeth appear to be. However, there are many more factors that others may take into consideration when looking at your teeth that you could be overlooking. Here are three additional guidelines to determine if your teeth could use some help from a cosmetic dentist.


The shape of your teeth can drastically deviate from normal, young teeth. Over the years, wear and tear can wear down the edges of your teeth and cause minor chipping. The acid in food that you eat and drink can also have this effect. This is a fairly common thing for people to go through later in life, which is exactly why it can stand out to others as an indicator that you're a little older than you'd like other people to believe.


The gloss or pearlescent quality of your teeth can be lost over time. Like the shape of your teeth, this can be due to acid and wear. It's also fairly common when people lose some of the enamel that shields their teeth from bacteria and foreign substances. Enamel is what makes teeth look pearlescent, and once it's gone, there's nothing you can do to get it back at home. Although you can whiten your teeth to make them appear brighter and lighter, you won't get back the glossy sheen that youthful and healthy teeth are known for without the help from a cosmetic dentist.


Finally, consider the size of your teeth. Are your teeth evenly sized? Are neighboring teeth dramatically different from one another? This is typically a problem that happens from the moment those teeth emerge. Although teeth can appear larger or smaller due to things like gum recession, if one of your teeth is genuinely larger or smaller than the others, that can make your whole smile look off even if you've taken tip-top care of your teeth.

If you have any of these problems, rest assured that a cosmetic dentist can fix them for you. Shape, gloss, and varying teeth sizes can all be repaired with dental veneers. This non-invasive cosmetic method of improvement can vastly change the way that your smile looks, giving you the evenly spaced, sized, glossy and smooth looking teeth that you're yearning for. Reach out to a cosmetic dentist and start the process towards getting dental veneers so that your smile looks the way you want it to.