Manage Your Dental Problems One Tip at a Time

A Crown Can Help You With A Problem Tooth

If you have a tooth that is causing you a lot of problems, you should go see your dentist. They can take a look at it and tell you what's going on with it. One thing that they may recommend is that you get a root canal and then a crown put over the problem tooth. That way it looks and functions like your old tooth. But what does getting a crown entail?

Identify and Treat the Problem

The dentist is going to check out your tooth and find out what's going on with it. They can do several things for you at that point. That can include giving you a root canal which will get rid of all the rot in your tooth and get rid out of any infection or abscess that may be going on in your tooth. If you don't need a root canal, but you have enough damage to your tooth, the dentist may just suggest that you need to get a crown. 

Making a Mold

The next thing that the dentist is going to do is make a mold of your mouth. You may think that this isn't a necessary step, but there are several reasons to do it. One of them is that the dentist is going to want to be able to see how your tooth fits into your mouth and with the rest of your teeth. 

This way, when they are creating the permanent crown for your mouth, they will make sure that it looks like your original tooth and that it will fit comfortably in your mouth. If the crown doesn't fit right or is uncomfortable, you are going to have a lot of problems, including when you are trying to eat. 

Temporary Crown

Once the mold of your mouth has made, then the dentist is going to make sure that you have the treatment that you need. That can include giving you the root canal or grinding all the rot off of your tooth. Then they will give you a temporary crown. The temporary crown is generally just set over your tooth like a little hat. That will protect the tooth and the area until the real crown is created and placed. Generally, the temp doesn't have to be there for very long, so it shouldn't matter that it might not be a perfect fit. 

If you are worried about a tooth, your dentist will take a look at your tooth and tell you what the problem is. They may suggest that you get a crown to handle everything. For more information, check out a website like