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4 Awesome Reasons To Get Excited About Dental Implants

Today, individuals with missing teeth have a variety of prosthetic teeth options. Dentures are the oldest and likely the most familiar option. However, there have also been advancements in dental technology for dentures too. Dental implants offer a host of benefits to individuals who choose to get them. The following points highlight a few. 

They Match Natural Teeth 

Individuals who have missing teeth may be self-conscious about whether others can tell. Dental implants can eliminate these concerns because they are matched to natural teeth. If individuals want very white dental implants in preparation for other cosmetic procedures, dentists can meet their requests. 

They Don't Decay

A lot of individuals who have missing teeth had to get extractions due to tooth decay. One of the best things about dental implants is that they cannot decay. They are made from durable materials. There are different types of implants. Some individuals get a full set of implants, which are referred to as All-on-Four Dental Implants. They do not have the worries of tooth decay. However, they must have good oral hygiene to prevent other oral issues. Individuals who get single implants need to practice good dental hygiene to protect their natural teeth from decay.

They Prevent Bone Loss and Facial Changes

Missing teeth can cause bone loss in the jaw. This can happen if an individual does not get prosthetic teeth, but denture wearers also experience this phenomenon. Bone loss can lead to facial changes. Individuals' jaws may have a sunken appearance. It can also make individuals appear older than they are. Individuals who have experienced bone loss can get bone grafts to ensure that they have enough bone tissue to support dental implants. 

They Are Permanent

Individuals who have had dentures for years may find the process of caring for them cumbersome. They have to be removed and cared for in a certain way to ensure that they last. Some individuals who wear dentures may find them uncomfortable or fear slippage when talking or eating. These concerns are eliminated with dental implants because they are surgically inserted into the gums and fuse into the bone when the surgical site heals. They are taken care of like natural teeth and do not have to be removed.

Dentists are a good resource to use to determine if dental implants are a good option for replacing missing teeth. The best solution varies depending on several factors. Sometimes dental implant procedures include other cosmetic dentistry services such as teeth whitening or veneers.