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Talk To An Implant Dentist About The Benefits You'll Get From An Implant That Closes A Tooth Gap

If you're looking for a way to cover up a gap in your teeth that can be seen when you smile, consider closing the gap with an implant and crown. A crown looks like natural enamel, so getting an implant is an excellent way to improve your smile. Plus, the implant could help your oral health too. Here's how a dental implant can benefit you.

It Keeps Your Teeth From Shifting

When you have a missing tooth, the gap allows the other teeth to shift. That could result in loose and crooked teeth. The implant dentist fits the crown between two other teeth so they can no longer shift. This helps maintain proper alignment of your teeth over the long term.

The Implant Stimulates Bone Growth

The implant dentist screws the implant into your jaw bone. This causes stimulation of the bone every time you chew in the same way your natural tooth roots do. Stimulating bone is important for preventing bone loss that could affect your facial appearance or weaken nearby teeth.

You'll Have An Easier Time Eating

If the missing tooth is in the front, you may have difficulty biting into foods or ripping food apart. This might put stress on your other teeth. When the gap is closed with an implant, the forces of eating and chewing are properly distributed.

That helps prevent damage to your teeth and it also helps you eat a varied diet that enhances your health. You won't have to avoid certain foods because they're hard to eat or because eating them is painful due to your tooth gap.

Your Smile Returns To Normal

It's important to feel confident about your smile. People notice your teeth every time you smile, and your teeth make an impression on people the first time you meet them. A missing tooth could make you feel self-conscious at work or in social settings. With an implant, your smile is returned to its normal state so you can relax and be happy with your appearance and not try to hide your smile.

Your Speech Might Improve

A missing tooth in the right area might affect your speech. You might develop a lisp that makes you uncomfortable. If you do public speaking as part of your job, a problem with your speech could impact your career.

An implant dentist places the implant and crown in your tooth gap so they replace the parts of your missing tooth. This allows your tongue and mouth to function normally so your speech is restored to the way you sounded before you lost your tooth.

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