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Fixing Crooked Teeth With Invisalign

People are often looking for solutions to various dental issues to improve their appearance. Moreover, if left uncorrected, some dental problems can exacerbate and cause severe damage to a person's dental health. For instance, uncorrected crooked teeth can result in periodontal and gum diseases. One cause of the complications is that crooked teeth are hard to clean and do not allow a person to chew correctly. Dentists have straightened crooked and misaligned teeth using braces for a long time. Braces exert pressure on the teeth and jaw for an extended period, aligning teeth. However, while braces are effective, they have a few shortcomings that may be overcome using Invisalign as the preferred remedy. Below are a few benefits of fixing crooked teeth using Invisalign treatment. 

They have Removable Aligners

Invisalign treatment uses removable aligners, unlike traditional braces that are fixed until a dentist removes them. Dental patients fitted with braces have restrictions on the foods they can eat. For example, they are advised not to eat popcorn and candy to avoid breaking the brackets used to make braces. Furthermore, some foods may stick behind the brackets and gums. The stuck foods can lead to dental hygiene issues because irremovable braces limit how well one cleans their teeth. On the other hand, Invisalign treatment allows patients to remove the dental aligners whenever they want to eat or clean their teeth. Thus, patients with misaligned teeth looking for removable teeth aligners should consider Invisalign treatment.

They Involve Noninvasive Scanning

Usually, dentists must get X-ray images of a patient's dental arrangement before making the correct sized braces. First, the dentists perform a dental evaluation that involves spreading a patient's cheeks and using pieces of plastic for better X-ray imaging. Conversely, Invisalign treatment uses 3D scanning that is noninvasive. Dentists get a complete dental scan using 3D imaging that uses no invasive technique. The dental experts then use the scans to make 3D prints that make a patient's aligners. Such features make Invisalign treatment more preferable than other alternatives when remedying crooked teeth. 

They Guarantee Comfort and Convenience

Typically, braces use metallic wires and brackets with sharp edges. Given that the braces need constant adjusting, some sharp edges may prick a patient's gums, which can leave sore jaws and teeth. Unlike braces, Invisalign treatment uses aligners made from quality resin and does not hurt the gums and teeth. Moreover, the aligners are adjustable and removable without the help of a dentist, unlike in traditional braces. Thus, Invisalign treatment offers patients a more comfortable and flexible solution than braces.