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Root Canal Treatment: The Benefits You Will Enjoy

A root canal is a procedure that aims to remove the infected and inflamed pulp in your tooth. When the pulp is removed, the dentist will clean the inside of your tooth thoroughly. The dentist will then fill the tooth and seal it using a rubbery material. Here are some benefits of a root canal treatment.

1. Prevents Infections from Spreading

One of the main causes of tooth decay is pulp infection. This arises because of the accumulation of bacteria in the affected area. The infected pulp will continue to accommodate the bacteria, which could spread to the neighboring teeth.

A root canal helps prevent infections from spreading. The procedure involves removing the affected pulp. As a result, you can avoid tooth extraction. Furthermore, a root canal saves you from advanced treatments, such as dental implants.

2. Gets Rid of Pain

Root canal procedures also help get rid of infections in your mouth. The treatment relieves pressure from the inflamed pulp. In a few days, you will experience no tooth pain.

However, many people shy away from this procedure, fearing that it is painful. Many people do not experience any pain, although some may complain of slight painful episodes. This may be because of trace amounts of bacteria that remain in the teeth after the procedure or due to undetected cracks in the root. 

This is the reason you should go to a dentist who has experience in root canal procedures. Sedation dentistry works best for patients with a certain degree of anxiety. You can choose from mild sedation to absolute unconsciousness.

3. Aesthetics 

When your teeth are infected, they tend to turn brown, yellow, or black because of bacterial accumulation in the pulp of your tooth. Such discoloration does not respond to whitening treatments. Crowning the tooth can help disguise the discoloration.

After the root canal procedure, the specialist will place a crown. The crown typically resembles a natural tooth. Going through a root canal procedure helps you preserve your natural tooth. It also helps improve aesthetics because you can get dental implants and bridges for severely broken teeth.

In Conclusion

Many people fear root canal procedures because they are associated with extreme pain. However, the opposite is true. Root canal treatments are your best chance to save your teeth and avoid extreme procedures. Before you go for a root canal treatment, make sure you choose an experienced and renowned dentist.

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