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What Causes Teeth Discoloration?

The first thing many people notice when they talk to you is your facial features. These features influence how others perceive you and the level of self-confidence in some. Anyone can have the perfect smile; you could have yellow teeth, brown teeth, missing teeth, and still have a picture-perfect smile. 

However, if you have discolored teeth, you can fix them. Generally, someone's first thought is teeth whitening, but there is more to it than just whitening. You can start by understanding the leading causes of discoloration and ways to avoid them. Below are some of these causes.


It's no secret that age comes with complications. As you grow older, almost everything doesn't work as it used to. Your teeth are no exceptions, as the enamel will wear down as you age. This exposes the dentin, which is yellow in color. 

So, if you're growing older and can notice your teeth getting a yellow discoloration, it could be that your enamel is wearing down. 

Oral Hygiene

You can't go without proper oral hygiene and expect to have pristine white teeth. The only way you can maintain your teeth even in your old age is by taking care of them. Therefore, brush and floss your teeth to reduce plaque buildup. 

Some of that yellow on your teeth is tartar and plaque buildup. If you're experiencing this problem, visit your dentist and ask if they offer teeth whitening treatment. Keep in mind that the treatment isn't permanent; if you don't observe proper oral hygiene, you'll have the same problem a few months later. 


It's easy to pick out an avid smoker by looking at their teeth, lips, and fingers. All these parts will have some discoloration due to regular smoke inhalation. If you're a smoker, you'll notice that your teeth have a brownish color and get darker over time. How do you treat this? You can start by quitting tobacco and seek teeth whitening treatment. 


Not everyone will have yellow teeth. However, for some, it is due to their genetics. If you have not been smoking, drinking certain beverages, and you're still young, it's time you consider that your dislocation is brought on by your genetics. 

A simple test would be to check with your family members. Do people in your family have the same yellowish or brownish teeth? If yes, it could be your genetics. You can't change your genetics, but you can change the color of your teeth through teeth whitening treatment. To learn more, contact a dentist