Manage Your Dental Problems One Tip at a Time

Dental Implants in Comparison to Other Options

If you are missing some teeth and your dentist tells you that you are a candidate for dental implants, you might have some questions. Here are some examples of reasons why they are better in comparison to some other options you may have thought of: 

1. Implants are permanent, unlike dentures

If you've thought of going with dentures, then consider that implants will stay in place where dentures come in and out. It's better to have permanent implants that you will brush and floss right with all of your other teeth. With dentures, you have to remove them to clean them and to sleep. Then, you have to put them back in when you are getting ready for the day. They can also fall out sometimes at inopportune times, such as when you laugh or sneeze. If you have implants put in, you can do everything without worrying about them coming out or needing to be removed. 

2. Implants look natural, unlike dentures

Another great thing about dental implants is they are made to look just like your real teeth. They will be shaped like your natural teeth and they will have the same color, shading, and texture. Most people won't be able to look at your smile and tell that you have implants. With dentures, they will look similar to your teeth, but they are still easy to notice. Dentures don't have the same texture as teeth and in many cases, the shading and color are slightly off just enough to spot the dentures. Plus, there will often be lines along the gumline that make them obvious. 

3. Individual implants can be flossed, unlike bridges

If you are thinking about going with a bridge, then consider the fact that a bridge connects the teeth that you are replacing with existing teeth that have crowns on them. Since crowns are one piece that's connected, you won't be able to floss between each of the teeth. This can lead to bad breath, stains, and other issues. When you go with individual dental implants, each one of the implants will be its own individual tooth, so you will be able to floss in between each dental implant just like you would do with each tooth. 

4. Implants are fused to the jawbone, unlike bridges

When you get implants, they will be fused right to your jawbone and this makes them feel and act like real teeth. With the bridge that is a solid piece that includes two or more teeth, they are anchored to other teeth or another implant and this means they are anchored from the top. This can cause more stress on them and it also means you have to be more careful with them.