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Here's The Benefits Invisible Braces Can Bring Beyond Straightening Your Teeth

When you get invisible braces, you're getting one of the most cosmetically elegant methods of having your teeth straightened. But the benefits don't stop there. Invisible braces offer a lot of benefits to their users that go beyond straightening your teeth. Here are three of them that you could start benefiting from.

Acid Protection

When you think of acid chewing away at your teeth, you might think exclusively of food and drinks. However, that's not the only kind of acid that can cause problems for your teeth.

While you're awake and asleep, you can experience something called acid reflux. This is where bile from the stomach or gallbladder comes up through the esophagus and enters the mouth. It's unpleasant, and it can also be very bad for your teeth. If you have chronic acid reflux, your teeth can get worn down as a result.

Your retainer can help to protect your teeth because it essentially encases them in plastic. Acid won't be able to touch your teeth while you're wearing your invisible braces, and you'll be directed to wear them most of the day and night.

Grinding Guard

Invisible braces bear a strong resemblance to grinding guards, or the mouthpieces that keep you from grinding your teeth together when you're stressed out or asleep.

As it turns out, invisible braces can act as a grinding guard. They provide two layers of plastic — one over each set of teeth — that help act as a cushion. When you bite down hard or grind your teeth, your teeth will rub against soft plastic, not hard teeth that can wear each other down.


Lastly, when you're finished with your braces treatment, the last pair that you own can become a retainer. Retainers are designed to help maintain your dental correction after you've finished using braces. For most people, retainers are only worn while you sleep. By using invisible braces instead of standard ones, you won't have to pay extra to get a retainer or to try and go without it and have some teeth become crooked again.

Invisible braces are great for straightening teeth, but they're also remarkable at doing other things, too. If you hadn't made up your mind yet, these added perks might convince you that invisible braces are the best way to have your teeth straightened. Ask an orthodontist about getting invisible braces like Invisalign and start enjoying these benefits.