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Four Reasons Dental Implants Are The Best Choice

Dental implants are an option for people with a single lost tooth or a mouthful of painful, ineffective teeth. The flexibility of implants is just one explanation of why this method of replacement has become so popular. Implants meet the needs of adults of all ages and their natural appearance make them impossible to detect as anything but genuine teeth. Here are just four of the many reasons to consider dental implants. 

#1. The implants are safe for people with metal allergies.

A small metal post is installed into the jawbone to connect and hold the ceramic tooth in place. These posts are crafted from lightweight, durable titanium. Titanium is known as a biocompatible metal. This means it is not harmful to human tissue and, unlike many metals, it does not cause allergic reactions in a large percentage of people. This is why it is used for medical procedures that require metal pins, plates or rods. This does not mean it is never an allergy concern, so anyone with a known metal allergy should mention it to their dentist. 

#2. Implants protect the jawbone.

When a tooth is pulled, the removal of the root will eventually cause the loss of mass and density in the jaw. The base of the implant prevents this loss and may contribute to making the jaw stronger. 

#3. Implants do not harm adjacent teeth. 

Dental bridges and partial plates are not totally immobile. Their shifting may lead to abrasions on neighboring teeth and even cause cracks or chips. When the dental appliance is placed tightly against the natural teeth, it may become impossible to clean the teeth properly. Implants do not need to connect to natural teeth to stay in place and they do not shift or move.

#4 They make eating more enjoyable.

Implants do not shift around or cover the taste buds located on the roof of the mouth. The teeth remain in place so they make it easier to bite and chew food. People with implants have the ability to chew gum and eat many of the sticky foods that are impossible with dentures.

Accidents, health problems and poor dental hygiene may lead to the need for repair or replacement. The longevity, comfort and visual appeal of dental implants make them worth the investment. Anyone that is unhappy with their smile due to missing or damaged teeth should consult with a dentist like Stone & Johnson Dental Group about the benefits of choosing implants.