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Helping Your Children To Defeat Their Dental Fears

One of the most widespread fears experienced by children is a fear of the dentist. While this is recognized as part of growing up, it's important that you take steps to support your child in getting over their fear. 

How Can Parents Help With Nervous Children?

The best way in which parents can help their children get over their fear of the dentist is by acting as a great role model. Children look up to their parents and aim to imitate their behavior, so it's important that you lead by example in order to instill confidence in your children. It's understandable that anyone can have a small fear of visiting the dentist; however, if you show this fear on the surface, then it will transfer to your family.

Knowledge is crucial when it comes to getting over dental fears, so make sure you educate your children on the processes commonly used by dentists. Acting in an encouraging and supportive manner will give your children the confidence they need to get over their childhood fears.

Additionally, make sure that you schedule your children in for regular check-ups from an early age. In the majority of cases, regular exposure to the dentist helps children understand the importance of oral hygiene and helps reduce any anxiety about having work carried out. Ensuring your family practices proper dental care will increase their confidence in visiting the clinic, as they will feel comfortable with their own oral hygiene.

How Can Dentists Help to Reduce Patients' Fears?

If your children are showing particular apprehension in visiting a dental clinic, speaking to their dentist can go a long way to helping them conquer their fear. Dentists have a wealth of experience in dealing with patients' fears and, as such, will know how to deal with any concerns your kids may have. By approaching the dentist prior to any visits, they can plan their approach in advance to ensure maximum comfort and safety is felt by your children.

Modern dental schools teach students different approaches to deal with nervous patients. These can include distraction techniques or relaxation methods that dentists can implement when carrying out their procedures. Often, these techniques work better on children, as they are more easily distracted and are able to focus their mind on other things during their visit to the dentist. As such, you should discuss these methods with your family dentist so that they can implement the most effective strategies with your children.

Another way in which you can help your family's anxiety is to choose a dentist that has a great manner of dealing with children. While all dentists will have the skills and techniques to carry out procedures, there will be a high level of variance in their general approach and how skilled they are at dealing with nervous patients. Therefore, it's important that you shop around and speak to a number of dentists in order to choose the right one for your family.

What if Your Children are Still Scared of the Dentist?

In some cases, patients' fears can be so strong that distraction techniques and exposure to dentists simply aren't enough to remove the underlying fear. These cases are typically seen in young adults, where the fears from childhood haven't been dealt with and there exists a sense of anxiety around dental procedures. However, these cases may be present even in younger children.

If you suspect that your child's fear has the potential to be a phobia, it's important that you speak to your dentist and family doctor. In some cases, alternative procedures may be possible whereby the typical dental tools are replaced by new procedures. In any case, addressing the problem early will allow you to assess the available options and make the correct choice for your family. 

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