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Add Some Bling To Your Smile – Make Your Own Grillz At Home

Grillz, grills, or fronts are decorative covers that snap over one or more teeth. Mostly made of gold, and sometimes encrusted in jewels, grillz are removable and won't interfere with your daily oral hygiene routine. You also don't have to worry about harming your teeth, mouth, or gums when you wear grills. If you are concerned about your oral health, have a complete dental exam before you put a grill over your teeth. Since most grillz are made of gold, they can get pretty expensive. Luckily, there is a way for you to make grillz in your very own home. Keep reading to learn how:

Materials And Supplies List

  • Gold sheets

  • Dental molding kit – molding tray and clay

  • Jeweler's wax

  • Sharp utility knife

  • Hand torch

  • Shaping tools

  • Gold polish

  • File

  • Cloth

Step 1: Make A Mold Of Your Teeth

Use the molding kit to make a mold of your own teeth. Each molding kit will come with instructions, which may different slightly between brands. But, generally, you put the clay dust into the provided mouth tray and mix with water. Then put the tray into your mouth and bite down on it so your teeth are submerged in the clay. Use a steady hand to keep the tray still while in your mouth.

You will feel the clay mix harden while in your mouth. You may also notice a chemical taste that could make you gag. Breath deeply through your nose to prevent your gag reflex from taking action. This will also help reduce or eliminate the chemical taste in your mouth.

Step 2: Let The Mold Harden

Follow the manufacturer's instructions as to how long the tray must remain in place while the clay hardens around your teeth. It's usually only a few minutes. When the appropriate amount of time has passed, carefully remove the tray from your mouth and set it down so the clay can continue to harden.Once the clay is hard, cover the inside of the mold with jeweler's wax. This will stop the gold sheet from sticking to the mold in Step 5.

Step 3: Cut The Gold Sheet

Decide how many teeth you want your grill to cover, and then cut a piece off of the gold sheet in the appropriate size. Since everyone's teeth are different sizes and people are following these instructions to cover different numbers of teeth, it's impossible to give you a specific measurement here. But it is possible to tell you that you can cover up to 6 teeth with 1 gold sheet.

Step 4: Heat The Gold

Hold the gold sheet over the front of the tooth mold and slowly heat the gold with your torch. As the gold gets hot, it will melt slightly and hug the mold teeth. To get good coverage, fold the gold sheet over the top and around to the back of the mold teeth. As soon as the folded gold has formed to the molded teeth, turn the torch off.

When using the torch to apply the gold sheet to the mold, make sure you don't hold it too close. This will cause the gold to melt too much and turn into a liquid. Your goal is to soften the gold just enough so it melts against the mold teeth.

Step 5: Shape The Grill

With the gold warm and malleable, use shaping tools to get the grill to look just the way you want. Make sure you stretch the gold so that it covers the entire mold tooth or teeth. If you are making a grill for several teeth, make sure each tooth is defined. If the gold starts to resist, warm it up again with the torch.

Step 6: Allow The Grill To Cool

When you are happy with the shape of the gold sitting on the mold, let it cool for at least an hour. After that, carefully remove the gold grill from the mold.

Step 7: Polish The Grill

Buff your new grill with gold polish and a clean cloth until it shines. Use a file to remove any sharp edges. Then put it in your mouth. If needed, use the file to make additional adjustments to the grill for a perfect fit.

While grillz won't harm your teeth and gums, you have to be careful when you make them yourself. Always practice safety when using a torch by wearing protective eye glasses and leather gloves. And never touch melted gold, which will feel more like molten lava to you. If you have any questions about wearing a grill in your own mouth, call your local dentist or see a site like He or she would be happy to talk to you about it.